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++Shop Hours++
9am - 3pm Tues to Thurs
9am - 5pm Friday

*please check our socials for updates to these times

Hello! Welcome to Clementine & Ginger

Curious to know the story behind C & G? 


Long story short…I love flowers. I love the colours, the textures and the individuality that each flower provides.

My passion stems (pun intended) back to my childhood where you would find me picking flowers from my Grandma’s garden, searching for rare orchids in the scrub or pressing the day’s findings in old phonebooks.  Nowadays, you’ll either find me tending to the flowers in my garden or in my studio creating beautiful arrangements , win win I think!
After working in the corporate sector for many (many) years I decided I needed to feed my creative soul & embrace the passion within to create beauty – enter Clementine & Ginger. 

What’s with the name I hear you say…funnily enough it’s not even named after my pet cats, or even after my favourite flowers and if you’re looking for a brilliant story that eventually references the name, well, I don’t have that either.  It’s not really after anything significant at all (I know - how disappointing)!  When I was in the corporate sector, I’d often dream about having a little business, and what I could call it, and I always would reference my imaginary business being called Clementine & Ginger.


Even after brainstorming business names (with a friend studying media & marketing), I still kept coming back to these two words...Clementine & Ginger so it made sense to run with it.  It started out as a hobby making soy candles and clay jewellery, spruiking at markets and selling the goods in small local shops where I could feed the creative side and suppress the corporate side. After a couple of years of doing this (and still un-happy in corporate life) an opportunity presented itself where I could incorporate my love for all things colourful, textural and floral, thus, another string was added to the bow.


With locals embracing the availability of fresh blooms at their fingertips, flowers have now turned into the main focus at Clementine & Ginger.
After 5 years of being home-based raising a family, the time had come for C & G to move its headquarters to better service the area. Opened in Feburary 2022 our new shop will is located at 62 Crocker Street in Bordertown where we can show off all our blooms and a carefully curated giftware range. We are now also able to offer a delivery service further and wider than before!

Our online store is still available, but we cant wait for you to pop in and check out the shop!

xx Bec

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